For me, spending time outside is so important and I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy some kind of outside space whether it’s a huge country garden, a small urban back yard or a public park. Science has proven the benefits of being close to nature, some of which are only now just being discovered.

Many of us are lucky enough to have our own private gardens but how often do we use them? My passion is bringing people out of their houses and into nature by designing gardens which are liveable spaces to spend time in. The secret is to create an easy flow between house and garden so the garden essentially becomes another room of your house. It can be a place to eat with friends and family, relax and read a book, escape to tend a vegetable plot or to simply just sit and enjoy the space, in fact there are endless possibilities of how you could use your garden.

Creating a place for wildlife to thrive is also important. Until recent years the trend in gardening seemed to be to dominate and control nature by killing 'weeds' and 'pests' with chemicals and clipping, pruning and manicuring plants until they bear very little resemblance to anything you would find in nature. Thankfully many of us now see our gardens as a home for native flora and fauna as well as a place for us to enjoy and we can all share the space as a harmonious ecosystem. With a careful choice of plants and materials we can have healthy, thriving gardens with very little maintenance.

I am constantly astounded by the beauty of nature and bringing a little piece of that into people’s lives is my joy and passion.