An organic small holding in Kent reimagined. This garden has been inspired by the history of the land and its uses. For the past 35 years it has been run as an organic small holding but it is now being downsized to suit the lifestyle of the now retired couple who live here. The site and the area in general has a long history of agriculture and evidence of this has been left imprinted on the land. Aerial photography reveals old plough lines in the grassland which form a grid like pattern. As nature creeps back in to reclaim the land it softens the stark boundaries and definite lines created by people. The once clearly defined field boundaries are now beginning to blend into the surrounding woodland as trees self-seed and woodland plants encroach upon the fields. In this design the blending of the boundaries is encouraged by adding more trees to the grassland around the edges of the fields to bring the woodland into the space.


A number of Betula copses have sprung up forming interesting curved shapes. These shapes have been replicated in the design and in the planting to contrast with the strong lines of the grid layout.


In the garden close to the house the plant choices have been informed by what is growing in the fields and woodlands by choosing cultivated varieties from the same families. For example Achillea millefolium will mimic wild Yarrow, Salvia nemorosa will mimic Salvia verbenaca (Wild Sage) and cultivated roses will mimic wild roses. Also grasses will be used to link with the many grasses growing naturally in the landscape.